More Shuffling at KFMB

By now, we all know that when a group owner buys a broadcast property from a privately-held company, there’s bound to be a lot of change. After all, there’s a big mortgage to pay. Centralized human resources, accounting, promotions, graphics composition, and master control send laid-off local employees looking for work. Newsrooms shrink. And accountants look over spreadsheets and start looking for ways to layoff, dismiss, or have senior or highly-paid employees retire.

TEGNA bought family-owned KFMB-AM-FM-TV in December of 2017, and since then, veteran engineers have been leaving.

Last year, Manager of Technology Chris Hoffman was picked up from a sister TEGNA outlet in Buffalo, NY. Dean Imhof left. Senior Engineer Chris Aamodt was laid off. Long-time RF Supervisor Rick Bosscher resigned. Earlier this year, Director of Engineering Leann Lanflisi, who had been at the job just two years, retired.

We learned this month that Mark Goodman, a brilliant engineer acquired when XETV closed its San Diego facilities in 2017, has moved to KPBS. Mark says he’s happy to be making the change, which puts him closer to home, working with a great team of veterans, and, to paraphrase, “is less stifling.”

Scott Casale is leaving KFMB to join KUSI in the coming week as the Assistant Chief Engineer. Scott had been with KFMB since 2004, doing everything from RF to data transmission set-up and systems installations.

In the plus column for KFMB, Steve Cilurzo joined this month as an Engineering Supervisor, taking over Rick Bosscher’s office though with broader duties like a radio studio rebuild. He said he feels very fortunate to have such “big shoes to fill” and much to do. He was downsized at Entercom in June.

Disclosure: I worked for KFMB for 15 years as a staff engineer and briefly as Director of Engineering before the TEGNA purchase.