Sage ENDEC Updating Firmware & Software

In mid-July, Sage Alerting Systems announced a firmware update for its popular ENDEC model 3644.

Sage says on its website:

This free update addresses a changed requirement in the FCC EAS rules, Part 11.33(a)(10), which affects how the valid time frame of an alert is determined. This rule change takes effect on August 12, 2019. The ENDEC currently employs a slightly different method of determining the valid time frame. The update will have no adverse effect on the reception and relay of valid alerts. All users must install this update to keep your ENDEC compliant. The update also adds the BLU alert to the list of valid alerts if you have not previously installed version 89-32.

NOTE: This release does not affect the ENDEC’s reception and relay of the scheduled August 7, 2019 National Periodic Test. Whether your ENDEC is running version 89-30, 89-32, or this new version 89-34, your ENDEC will relay the NPT.

A software “major release” is planned for September 2019 to address changes in the distribution of CAP messages from IPAWS. This update will cost users $349 per unit, sold through distributors. The major distribution is available for free for units purchased new after March 1, 2018. Sage says registered users will be notified by email when the update is available.