Carl Craver Passes Away

We learned that Carl Craver of Buena Park, owner of Viper Cabling, passed away suddenly yesterday. He was 58. He had been an installation technician with TV Magic during the time when they installed the extensive systems at KSWB-TV and XETV in San Diego. Later he created his own cabling contract company, installing data, audio, and video cables—and later whole systems—for broadcast studios, stadiums, data centers, and many other facilities out of his headquarters in Orange County. Carl had recently retired from full-time involvement in Viper.

I had provided adjunct services to the Viper team and found Carl to be fair, forthright, always eager to serve, and fun to be around. He will be missed.

FCC Approves KUSI Sale to Nexstar

The FCC posted today that it had granted the assignment of the license for KUSI (TV) to Nexstar Media Group. In May, Nexstar announced that it agreed to purchase KUSI from the McKinnon family for $35-million. This will create a duopoly in San Diego with the recent acquisition of KSWB-TV from the Tribune Publishing Company. According to sources at KUSI, KSWB will move into the KUSI facility on Murphy Road since the sale includes that property and KSWB leases its space on Engineer Road.

KUSI has been an independent station since its creation by the United States International University in 1982 except for a 4-year period from 1995—1998 when they were affiliated with UPN. The station was initially built with all RCA gear from the cameras and tape recorders to the transmitter atop Mt. San Miguel.

Fred Swift has been the station’s chief engineer since Richard Large retired in 2013, 10 years ago. The pair had worked together for 29 years before that.

FEMA Announces National EAS Test Date

FEMA has announced the date for the 2023 NPT, now known as the “Nationwide Test of the Emergency Alert System.”

The date chosen is October 4th at 11:20 PM Pacific Time, with a backup date of October 11.

The plan is to test EAS and WEA systems. The FormTwo will be granted an extra day, requiring it to be filed by October 5th.  Form Three will be due no later than November 20th. If you have any changes in station ownership or contacts since earlier this year, you should update your Form One, too, before September 15th. You can access the forms on the ETRS page. 

More information is on the FEMA and the FCC sites. 

FCC to Allow Some TV Channel 6 FM Stations

The FCC on July 23, 2023 issued a Report and Order allowing a limited number of analog FM stations on TV channel 6 to continue to operate.

Photo by Robert Gonsett

Stations such as Venture Technology’s KRPE San Diego have been operating with Special Temporary Authorities to operate with a digital TV signal and analog FM on 87.7 or 87.75 MHz. These stations have proven capable of delivering an ATSC 3.0 signal compatible with the existing standards and yet continue to provide audio service compatible with most FM radio tuners.

The FCC also specifically stated that, at least for the time being, they would not allow the entire channel 6 spectrum from 82–88 MHz to be open to analog FM service, nor would they allow new stations to adopt the 87.7 analog carrier configuration.

Celebrate August SBE Night at McGregor’s

Join SBE Chapter 36 at our after-work, in-person networking opportunity on Wednesday, August 16 at McGregor’s Grill, 10475 San Diego Mission Rd, San Diego, east of I-15 off Friars Road. This is an informal, no-host get-together for dinner and drinks. We’ll be there at 5:30 PM but come when you can. Parking here can be challenging, but there is authorized overload parking at the lot next door just west of the mini-mall where McGregor’s is located. There’s a trivia quiz at 9:00 that you can join if you’re into that.

Society of Broadcast Engineers, San Diego