Four Engineers Retire from KPBS

KPBS-TV/FM this year is undergoing a great turnover, with four broadcast engineers leaving to retire. Their professional experience totals over 150 years, 90 of that at KPBS.

Kevin Birch, Broadcast Engineer, left January 31 this year. He had joined the station in 2000 after having worked at KUSI (TV).

Kevin Schrader, Senior Engineering Manager, left January 31 as well. He joined in 2013 after stints at Cox Cable, XETV, and KGTV.

Rockley Curless, RF Engineering Manager, left January 31 after 22 years at KPBS. Unfortunately, he passed away March 14, 2024, only six weeks after retirement.

Leon Messenie, Director of Engineering since 2001, says he’s scheduled to retire June 30, 2024 after 32 years of technical work at KPBS.