The SBE and L.A. Chapter 47 present an Ennes Workshop on Saturday, May 4

[From SBE Headquarters] Don’t miss the SBE Ennes Workshop by SBE Chapter 47-Los Angeles on Saturday, May 4. Breakfast and registration open at 8 am and the workshop starts promptly at 9 am and takes place at KPCC Headquarters, 474 South Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA 91105. Register TODAY!

Registration includes light breakfast and lunch

The cost is only $20 for SBE members and $30 for non-members. Register HERE. Students can register for FREE by clicking HERE.

In addition to the SBE Ennes Workshop, the event includes a sponsor showcase, a special message from SBE President Ted Hand and an optional facility tour following the end of sessions at 3 pm.

The Ennes Presentations List

RF 101

By Fred Baumgartner, “Retired” Broadcast Engineer

We start the day with a basics tutorial on RF used in broadcasting. Everything from broadcast transmission of AM, FM and TV, to satellites, wireless mics, WiFi, and remote program acquisition. This short course is designed to help broadcast engineers understand the basics of RF from propagation to modulation, and more importantly, how to get to the resources and information broadcast engineers will need in the course of their careers.

Overview of the Radio Business with a Focus on the Technical Side

Mike Pappas, Field Engineer and VP of Business Development, Orban

The radio business is a 24/7 operation that covers over 99 percent of the country with entertainment, news, information and in emergencies vital information. This presentation will give an overview of the “business” of radio and a bit of its history. It will focus on how the business has changed and consolidated and what the future looks like.

Basic Audio Production

Jake Kaplan, Director of Imaging and Sound Design, Audacy

After all the technical operations are finished by the folks in your profession at a radio station, the creation of the sound of the radio station begins. Imaging (or sound design) is more important than ever in an era where people can get their music and content anywhere. We have to keep our radio stations unique, give people a reason to tune into our music stations, listen to our host, and get their news and sports from us. At the same time, we are using technology in more creative ways than ever to get more imaging to our various streams of content.

STL’s and Audio Production

Tony Gervasi, Intraplex Sales Manager GatesAir

This presentation will cover STL and Audio via IP, including secure reliable transport of Audio/Video and Data Over IP; media transport protocols and network security. We will discuss various methods of reliable IP transport, transporting various MPX and E2X transports, control (GPIO) and AES 192 options.

Ennes Workshop attendees receive One Credit Category G by attending the entire workshop (4 sessions).

A special thanks to RF SPECIALTIES for sponsoring the event.


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