KLVJ 102.1 Leaves UCSD Site

Crews at the UCSD tower site atop Mt. Soledad removed the remaining equipment at KLVJ (FM) 102.1 after constructing its primary site at the KFMB (TV) transmitter building last year. KLVJ had continued transmitting from the UCSD site until their lease expired this year. The tube-type Harris HT-30CD was retired and the massive FM combiner split to act as a bandpass filter for site partner KLQV 102.9, said regional engineer David Pelz.

EMF-owned KLVJ applied to operate an aux site at KFMB (TV) using a Nautel transmitter with 6.5 kW ERP from the shared secondary 4-bay antenna.

The FCC in early 2021 granted Minor Modification applications for all of the iHeartMedia FM stations atop Mt. Soledad to consolidate at the historic KFMB-TV site, moving from KGTV’s antenna across the street. iHeart’s KMYI 94.1 and KIOZ 105.3 joined previous master FM antenna partners KPBS-FM 89.5, KBZT (FM) 94.9, KXSN (FM) 98.1, and KFBG (FM) 100.7. EMF’s KLVJ (FM) 102.1 Encinitas also joined, installing a new Nautel GV15 transmitter to feed the combiner there.

iHeartMedia’s KSSX (FM) 95.7 Carlsbad also moved from KGTV to KFMB, but their allocation requires a separate, directional antenna that was mounted on the tenant tower at KFMB-TV. The signal has some reduction in signal toward Mexico to the southeast.