100.7 FM is Officially KFBG

(Update 4/23/2020: The FCC approved the change and KFBG (FM) was using the new call letters today.)

According to RadioInsight, Local Media San Diego, recent buyers of KFMB-FM, have applied to change the station’s call letters to KFBG (FM). Garrett Michaels, who was the Program Director for KFMB-FM from 2016 to early 2017 and more recently for XETRA 91X, will program BIG-FM with a Classic Hits format of music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. 100.7 FM began using the new identity Monday but will have to wait for FCC approval on the call letters. 

Historically, KFMB-FM began broadcasting in 1947 on 101.5 MHz from atop the North Park Theater, but gave up and signed-off in 1950. It started up again in 1959 on 100.7 MHz from Mt. Soledad with jazz music, then transitioned in 1960 to a beautiful music format that remained until the wildly popular B-100 personality-driven pop music format started in 1975. 

Dean Imhof is the full-time chief engineer for Local Media San Diego, which includes XHTZ 90.3, XETRA 91.1, XHRM 92.5, and now KFMB-FM (soon to be KFBG (FM)) 100.7.