DASDEC EAS Users Can Update IPAWS Certificates

From the SBE EAS List server:
If you are using a DASDEC or OneNet CAP EAS device, we received confirmation from FEMA to release the new Federal Bridge certificate bundle to our users.  Please try to have this certificate update file installed by November 8, 2019 – it is important for the proper validation of CAP alert messages from IPAWS.

The new FEMA IPAWS Certificate for DASDEC/One-Net is now posted: http://www.digitalalertsystems.com/DAS_pages/resources_fsb.html. Instructions and download link for the bundle are found at that site.

This is a free certificate update, which may be used for versions 3.x and v4.x software.  If you are running version 2.6 software, this certificate file should function as well.  Again, there is no charge for this certificate update.

On a separate matter, please note that FEMA’ upcoming TLS change is already supported in v3.x and v4.x software.  If you are a DASDEC user, no further action is required for the TLS update.  You do need to upload the certificate bundle for the new Federal Bridge Certificate by November 8, 2019.

We are aware that November 8 leaves very little time – however the final confirmation from FEMA to release the certs to EAS users was given a few hours ago.

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