Mt. Woodson Access Road Closed – May 2019

Mt. Woodson communications site access road washout from recent rains.
Photo by Mike Curran.

Mike Curran reports “I received a call from Jon Cook from Palomar Communications. He has received notification from the City of San Diego that the washed out road conditions on the road up to Mt. Woodson would be undergoing repair work starting on May 13th, and will last for approximately one week. These repairs will cause the road to be closed to all vehicular traffic. Accommodations for emergency engineering personnel to make repairs up on the mountain will be made by allowing us to park at the bottom of the hill and then be shuttled by golf cart up to the construction site, then the engineering staff will have to hand carry their tools over the construction site to another awaiting vehicle and be ferried up to the top of the hill to perform their duties. So the only thing you can get up to the mountaintop is what you can carry by hand.”