August 21 Meeting – White Space Voodoo

Karl Voss knows “white space.” He’s not only a recognized engineer from PBS affiliate KAET in Phoenix, but a busy technical advisor to the NFL Game Day Coordination team. Recently, he filled in as presenter for a no-show at a Phoenix chapter meeting and did so well, we’ve ask him to give us an encore in San Diego.

We’ll learn about the new FCC rules regarding wireless microphone devices that use UHF TV channels. The smart ones supposedly know if a channel is occupied by looking it up in a database. Cool. How does that work? And how does it in fact work on the border with Mexico?

Join us Wednesday, August 21, at noon at Clear Channel Communications, 9660 Granite Ridge Drive, off Aero Drive at I-15. Doug Tharp of SCMS is sponsoring lunch and will have some wireless microphone products to look over. Members and guests welcome. Expect the meeting to last till 1:30 PM.