Entravision Wins Channel 25

The FCC last week granted KTCD channel 25 for a low power digital TV service. The twist is that this UHF construction permit puts the facility on the KGTV tower on Mt. Soledad.

In order to gain the CP, Entravision settled with Civic Light, the former license holder of K63EN in Hillcrest, for a competing application. Matt Lunati of Civic Light says they decided to pull out of the channel 25 competition without compensation. The company maintains KZTC-LP channel 7 on Mt. Woodson that they plan to flash to digital.

Entravision buys a great deal of flexibility with the new installation. They operate English-language network affiliate MyNetwork TV, and Spanish language affiliates for networks Univision, Telefutura, and Telemundo. They will be able to multicast any combination of those signals from Mt. Soledad.

They currently operate KBNT-LD 51 digital at Mt. San Miguel, KTCD-CA 17 analog downtown at the KNSN 1240 AM tower, XHDTV 47 digital and 49 analog at Cerro Bola near Tecate, KHAX-LP 49 analog in Vista, and XHAS 33 analog and 34 digital at Mt. San Antonio in Tijuana.