February 2012 Meeting – Studer

One detail about a project TV Magic built for a TV facility in Florida a year ago that surprised me was the ability to use the Studer Vista production audio mixer as the station AES/EBU digital audio router controlled by a conventional Evertz TV routing control system. This reused a resource often waiting between production sessions. It saved some money and “just worked.

Studer visits our SBE meeting in February to give a tour of its mobile demonstration consoles and a talk on its digital control and audio protocol. RELINK can link numerous Studer consoles in various locations of a Broadcast facility to allow audio source and control data sharing across a wide network.  Any Studer consoles can be on the RELINK network including the new OnAir1500 radio console, and absolutely no extra hardware is needed for this network setup.  In addition, Studer will discuss the new ‘Studer Vista Remote Access’ tool for managing, training, and supporting consoles securely across the internet.

Studer will have their state of the art demo truck at TV Magic February 14-16th.  Feb 14th will be an open house, 15th will be the SBE meeting, and the 16th will be registration-only factory certified training classes from Studer.  You canregister online for free and regardless of experience on the Studer homepage banner for ‘Studer Broadcast Academy’.

Studer buys lunch for SBE members and guests for the meeting Wednesday, February 15 at noon at TV Magic, 8112 Engineer Road in Kearny Mesa. Rob Lewis, Director of Studer USA will give the presentation following.