January 2012 Meeting – More Fiber in the New Year

This month’s SBE meeting with guest Advanced Fiber Products explores fiberoptics in more depth than you may have explored the topic before. Depending on where you are on the learning curve, you might consider these topics to be a refresher or an introduction to lightwave transmission:

  • A brief review of fiber’s virtues and why its use is growing in an HD world
  • A review of some the basics of how it works, spectrum used, etc.
  • Construction of various fiber types – what the various modes and “grades” mean
  • Concerns of “mixing modes” and practical points of concern
  • Matching cable type, grade, construction, mode, etc. to the application
  • Power budgeting for a fiber system – specific factors and concerns
  • CWDM multiplexing technology & schemes
  • Implementing  fiber in the field – cable types, termination types (single strand, multi-strand, etc.), advantages of specific designs – expanded beam technologies, etc.
  • Fiber polishing
  • Care, cleaning, and tools for fiber

Join us Tuesday, January 24 at noon for a free lunch and talk at TV Magic, 8112 Engineer Road in Kearny Mesa, San Diego. Members and guests are welcome.