February 2011 Meeting – Linear Industries

You should be aware by now of the great strides in the digital TV viewing experience due to improvements in incoming signal equalization. But did you know that you can improve the signal on the transmission side as well?

A presentation given at this month’s SBE Chapter 36 meeting will profile the continuing advancement in 8VSB coverage optimization techniques, and will address new signal algorithm techniques like memory effects compensation (MEC) and efficiency gains of crest factor reduction (CFR) in RF power amplifiers. It will also cover the advantages of having a comprehensive test and monitoring system as part of the transmitter and describes what to look for when trying to get the most bang-for-your-buck in transmitter performance. The presentation will include a live demonstration of correction techniques as well as over the air mobile (M/H) transmission.

Join us February 9th at noon at TV Magic in Kearny Mesa. Steve Moreen of RF Specialties of California brings Perry Priestley of Linear Industries. He’s buying lunch, so be there to meet, greet, and learn a thing or two. We’ll be electing some new leaders as well. Members and guests are always welcome.

About our Presenter

Perry Priestley has worked in the professional broadcast industry in technical and commercial positions for over 25 years. Currently Perry is VP of Sales for Linear Industries. Previously, Perry held the position of Director of International Broadcast Business Development at iBiquity Digital Corporation and was responsible for developing and promoting the adoption of HD Radioâ„¢ worldwide. Before joining iBiquity he worked for Thomson as a Director of Sales and also has held engineering positions with Marconi and Philips.

As a Broadcast Engineer with Philips he was responsible for the design and implementation of many television transmitter installations worldwide.

In his position with Thomson and iBiquity Perry has written and presented technical presentations at almost every major broadcast symposium and convention in the world.

Perry earned a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from Anglia University in Cambridge, and an Higher National Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Cambridge College of Technology, Cambridge England.