January 2011 Meeting – Western Technical Services “IP Radios”

In the huge fires of October 2007, San Diego broadcasters abruptly lost control of their radio equipment on Palomar Mountain and Mt. San Miguel. That fateful week taught us that we shouldn’t rely on the telephone company to provide remote control lines when the video those sites provided arrived wirelessly. Many TV stations moved to wireless control through 900 MHz links, or through 5.8 GHz radios multiplexed on their
existing 6 or 7 GHz video ICR links.

Similarly, radio stations have learned that they can provide an effective secondary, or even primary, audio studio-transmitter link with license-free wireless radios and high-gain antennas.

Vislink, known for decades in Southern California as Western Technical Services, visits our January 2011 SBE meeting to discuss wireless IP radios. Those radios have advanced  considerably in technology, with abilities to frequency hop and use a variety of modulation schemes to maximize throughput and minimize downtime.

Join us January 19 at noon at TV Magic, 8112 Engineer Road, in Kearny Mesa, San Diego. Vislink will provide lunch.