July 2010 Meeting – Fujitsu on Compression

Join us for the SBE San Diego Chapter 36 July meeting. On Wednesday July 21, Rich Harvey with Fujitsu Frontech North America will be talking about Transporting HD/SD Content over a Public IP Link. The meeting will run from 12 noon – 1:30 PM at TV Magic, 8112 Engineer Road, San Diego. Lunch will be provided by Fujitsu.

About Our Presenter

Rich Harvey has over 15 years of experience in the broadcast, satellite and video distribution industry, including the management of a Navy Broadcast Service (NBS) S.I.T.E system, as Sales Manager of the Asia Pacific Rim for a leading digital TV equipment manufacturer and as the Video Product Manager for another industry leader. Rich is a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) and the Society of Motion Picture Television Engineers (SMPTE).