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July 2013 Meeting: Hometown Factory HME

Once upon a time, San Diego intercom maker HME maintained a small presence in the TV production world. But they took a sharp turn and began to dominate wireless intercom, especially in the fast food vertical. Chances are, if you have ever ordered a meal at a drive-through restaurant, you’ve communicated over an HME device. The company used its fortunes to merge with Clear Com, a traditional leader in advanced broadcast intercom solutions, with a big share of the market. They maintain a factory in the Poway industrial zone.

HME hosts SBE Chapter 36 at our July 17th meeting. Hosts John Kowalski and Simon Browne will discuss IP and wireless intercom systems for today’s broadcast workflow.

The meeting starts with food and drinks at 6:30 PM. HME will give us a tour of the factory where they design, test, and manufacture products for both the Clear-Com and HME product lines. Expect the tour and presentation to last under 90 minutes. Find HME at 14110 Stowe Drive in Poway.

SBE members and guests are welcome.

June 2013 Meeting – VITEC and IPTV

Michael Chorpash, Vice President of Sales at VITEC will discuss IPTV inside the enterprise LAN and outside Over The Top (OTT) across the WAN. This will cover encoding, transcoding, middleware IPTV management and display to multiple screens (desktops, TV’s and mobile devices). There will be practical examples of how systems are being used today in small and large organizations; from broadcasters replacing their in-house cable plant to organizations broadening their reach and control over their content through IP networks.

Join us Wednesday, June 19, noon at KGTV, 4600 Air Way in San Diego. VITEC buys your lunch in the cafeteria at 12 sharp (and we have to say that reviews about the food have been 100% positive), then we move to studio space for the 12:30 presentation. Members and guests welcome.

May 2013 Meeting – Nautel

Ellis Terry visited Chapter 36 this month to update us on new technology at Nautel. Their Analog NVLT FM transmitter series now includes models from 3.5kW to 40kW, and they introduced a Nautel NT series of low power TV transmitters with the Nautel AUI and built-in test instruments.

Many thanks to Nautel for the lunch and to KGTV for hosting the meeting at its facility.

March 2013 Meeting: All About the High Efficiency Video Codec

Just when you thought your H.264 codecs were about as efficient as possible for transmitting your media files, along comes H.265. This new HEVC is likely to change everything. But how much more efficient is it? What exactly is different about it? How are vendors gearing up for the new codec? When will it be ready for prime time?

Chapter 36 is fortunate enough to bring to our March meeting highly regarded speaker Joel Wilhite from Harmonic.

Be sure to mark your calendar for 6:30 PM, March 28th at the KGTV studios, 4600 Air Way, near where the I-805 and CA-94 freeways meet. Note this special evening time and day. Harmonic will provide dinner at 6:30, followed by a brief business meeting and the presentation. RSVP so that we can get a good count for dinner to

Joel Wilhite has been a Broadcast Solutions Manager for Harmonic for 18 years, designing media compression and storage systems for news and programming originators. He’s frequently called on to update groups like SBE with technology presentations.

February 2013 Meeting: Not Your Father’s 2-way Radios

Many thanks to Sean Melia of Bassett Sales for coming to San Diego to explain today’s communications backbone systems and buy us lunch. They sell 2-way radio systems and can hook you up with a highly versatile system, whether buying or leasing.

This month’s meeting was hosted by Martin Banks at Video Gear in the Miramar area. Video sells and rents cameras, lighting, and really every product necessary to get your video production recorded and edited. Another great venue!