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May Meeting: Perry Priestley of Broadcast Electronics

Elenos, Italian manufacturer of FM broadcast transmitters, acquired Broadcast Electronics in Quincy, Illinois, a highly regarded US manufacturer of AM, FM, and TV transmitters. BE has been known for years for its high quality transmitters, and Elenos has gained market share for their compact FM devices. Perry Priestley will update us on their lines and philosophies, sharing stories along the way.

Join us in an online presentation Tuesday, May 9th, at 11:30 AM organized by Chapter 47 of Los Angeles. Here’s the Zoom Link for registration.

About Perry

Perry Priestley has worked in the professional broadcast industry for over 49 years. He joined Broadcast Electronics in June 2019 in the position of Chief Operating Officer and he’s now the Chief Sales Officer. Previously he held the position of CEO at Anywave Communication Technologies Inc. He has also held positions in Sales and Business Development with Linear Industries Brazil, Ibiquity Digital Corporation (now Xperi), Thales-France (now Thomson Broadcast), EEV-Marconi, and Philips (Pye TVT) in the UK. Perry has presented at over 200 technical broadcast conferences worldwide, has been the lead commercial coordinator in notable projects around the world, and has been a significant contributor to many new product releases in the radio and television broadcast market. 

Perry earned a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from Cambridge University, England, and a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Telecommunications from Cambridge College of Technology.

Here Comes the Next Best Thing—March 22 SBE Event at iHeartMedia San Diego

A big product road show comes to San Diego again this year. An array of displays with representatives of several broadcast manufacturers will visit iHeartMedia, 9660 Granite Ridge Dr. behind Suite 100 on March 22 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Drive to the main parking lot and walk around the east side of the building to the rear. SWIT USA sponsors lunch and Myat, Inc. sponsors a chance to win a $50 VISA Gift Card. For more information and to register (not required for attendance), see or call Doak Turner at 815-721-6338.

The show is hosted by the Broadcasters General Store and Second Opinion Communications and features these sponsors:

  • ENCO – broadcast automation
  • Forecast – technical furniture
  • Altronic Research – RF dummy loads
  • Angry Audio – processors and accessories
  • Challenger Communications – satellite antennas
  • Core SWX – battery charging solutions
  • D2D Technologies – DTV processors and multiplexers
  • Dielectric – FM and TV transmission antennas and RF devices
  • Digital Alert Systems – EAS processors
  • Henry Engineering – audio and control accessories
  • Inovonics – audio processors, RDS messaging, and signal monitors
  • Jampro – antennas and associated RF transmission solutions
  • Myat – RF transmission products
  • Nautel – AM and FM transmitters
  • NEMAL – optical and copper connectivity products
  • Studio Hub – audio connectivity devices
  • SWIT USA – ENG camera video transmitters, monitors, lighting, mounts, and power solutions
  • Tieline – Audio-over-IP transmission solutions
  • Toner Cable – RF facility distribution products seller
  • Worldcast – FM transmitters, RDS encoding, sound processors, IP codecs, and broadcast remote control products
  • YellowTec – studio accessories, voice recorders

It’s Angry Audio for Our Online Meeting

We’ve noticed over the past year a lot of buzz about an entirely new product line called Chameleon.  The first audio processor that analyzes the program content to determine how to process it.  Current audio processors require a golden ear, IT competency, and a lot of time and patience to set up.  The Chameleon does all that tweaking based on the music coming in—delivering consistent program level with big sound and great presence. There are currently three models in production, with several more just around the corner.

Join us Tuesday, February 14th at 11:30 AM PST by first registering for the Zoom call here. This presentation was organized by Chapter 47, Los Angeles. 

About the Presenters

Michael Dosch is the founder and owner of Angry Audio. Known by his friends as “Catfish”, he is one of the broadcast industry’s most prolific product designers. He is probably best known for his work as founder/president of Axia (Telos) where he led the team that introduced AoIP into broadcast. Angry Audio was a side project where Catfish could create some small problem-solving products more for fun than profit. But demand was far greater than expected and he soon devoted his full-time energy to it. In 2020, Angry Audio acquired the company formerly known as Radio Systems and continues to manufacture the popular StudioHub line of products alongside the Angry Audio offerings. 

Cornelius Gould is a radio veteran, using his uniquely resonant voice on the mic for several stations in the Cleveland market, as well as many others and several streams beyond the OTA coverage area. But he’s a bit of a geek as well, and in fact, he’s a rocket enthusiast in his spare time.  That geekness led him into engineering roles at the stations, and he gravitated towards getting the most out of the signal he had to work with.  Eventually, he became part of the development team at Omnia, and was instrumental in designing the Omnia.11 and Volt products.  Taking everything he has learned over the years and programming it into a chip is his latest project.

Nautel Online SBE Chapter Meeting Nov. 8

With hundreds of transmitter site visits under his belt, Jeff Welton of Nautel has seen a few things and will attempt to share some of the challenges he encounters most often in this session. The content will cover grounding and lightning protection, safety, IT security, and whatever other tips come to mind. There should be a bit of something for everyone in this fast-paced presentation. We’ll look at the problems and situations we encounter and discuss ways to resolve or work around them.

Join us Tuesday, November 8, at 11:30 AM PT for this Zoom online meeting organized by Chapter 47, Los Angeles.

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October 11 SBE Presentation: Multi-camera Sync and Transcoding

Jay Gedanken of Media Excel will be talking about multi-camera synchronization with arbitrary delays on the cameras as well as transcoding.

Register here for the online Zoom presentation Tuesday, October 11, at 6:30 PM, organized by SBE Chapter 47 of Los Angeles.

About Our Guest

Jay has been involved in digital video since its commercial inception, around 25 years starting with MPEG 1 to the current technology H.265 often referred to as HEVC. His focus has been on encoding, decoding and transcoding either for storage or transmission over IP, cloud, satellite, terrestrial or virtually any pipe. His background also includes systems design, systems integration and installation as well as pro audio and live video production.

Media Excel is no newcomer to digital video and is an industry leader in encoding, transcoding and decoding. The HERO family of products are flexible, high performance, cost effective and robust, with many different configurations to fit your specific requirements.