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SBE 36 Adds Facebook Page

After years of procrastination, Chapter 36 has finally added a Facebook page. Vice-chairman Matthew Anderson set-up the page at Help it spread the news by “Liking” it. All SBE 36 web posts will have a link from the Facebook page, so you’ll always have the latest news if you Follow the site. This includes meeting reminders. Check it out.

Lombard Off to Phoenix

Immediate past Chapter 36 Chairman Andrew Lombard just landed a job as Chief Engineer at Fox O&O KSAZ (TV) channel 10 in Phoenix. Lombard had most recently been Director of Engineering at KFMB Stations in San Diego. At KSAZ, he’ll replace Gerry Grunig, who is planning to retire in early 2016.

Chapter 36 Officers Elected

The next crop of San Diego SBE chapter officer volunteers were elected in a late November online vote:

  • Chair, Gary Stigall
  • Vice Chair, Matthew Anderson
  • Secretary, Doug Alman

Doug Alman was Chapter Chair in 2012 – 2014. Gary was Chair previously from 1998 – 2000.

The nominating committee consisted of past officers Andrew Lombard, Steve Moreen, and Gary Stigall.

Steve Moreen has been appointed to serve a second term as Program Chair.

The new officers succeed past officers Andrew Lombard, Chair; Manny Cervantes, Vice-Chair; and Matt Schiller, Secretary-Treasurer.



FCC Auction: What Will You Do With Your $221-Million?

When the FCC published on October 16 the TV spectrum auction starting prices, you have to believe a number of San Diego station general managers were dreaming of what they would do with the money. KSWB-TV had the highest listed price for abandoning its channel 19 spot at $221.5-million. All infomercial low power broadcaster KSEX-CD came in at $146-million. K35DG-D, the 300 watt flamethrower of UCSD’s has a starting bid of $91-million. Continue reading FCC Auction: What Will You Do With Your $221-Million?

October 21 Meeting: Video to Go by TV Pro Gear

The term “flypack” has meant many things over the years, from small, portable video production systems in a travel rack case, to satellite uplink systems built for airline cargo spaces. At our October meeting, TV Pro Gear will update us on current trends in production flypacks. With better large scale integration, users can pile more stuff into small spaces, and Andy Maisner will show us just what the current capabilities and limits are, in both a remote vehicle and Flypak™.

Join us October 21, 2015 at 12 noon, at KGTV, 4600 Airway in San Diego for a free lunch and presentation from TV Pro Gear. As always, this meeting is open to all.  Continue reading October 21 Meeting: Video to Go by TV Pro Gear

Rick Hill Passes

San Diego sports radio technician Rick “Red” Hill died September 29 of pancreatic cancer. Rick was a fixture in setting up Padres and Chargers radio broadcasts, and worked for KFMB and iHeart Media, among others.

Electrical Safety Class for Broadcast Engineers Offered in Los Angeles

(Edited 9/15/15 – New location) Save the Date! Sept 25, Friday, 730am-5pm, for a full day of electrical safety training, organized and sponsored in part by SBE Chapter 47, Los Angeles. All are welcome to attend.

This all-day seminar at KLCS-TV in Los Angeles will cover education about electricity and basic electrical safety techniques designed to keep you alive!  When you are done with this one day course and pass the in-class written test, you will receive a certificate for Electrical Safety – Cal-OHSA, Title 8 and NFPA 70E (2015 standards).

Presented by Joseph O’Dwyer, President O’Dwyer Technical Services.  Joe has taught this class to Disney, ESPN, ABC, Apple, JP Morgan, Boeing and many other corporate employees.  Is it raw?  Yes. Is it scary? Yes. Will there be gory pictures and videos? Absolutely.

This class is not meant to teach you to be an electrician, but if you deal with electricity at tower sites, transmitter sites or even studios, or you find yourself presented with electrical situations alone at these sites, this class is for you. Consider bringing your facilities personnel. Have you ever had to open an old, rusty panel with electricity in it and maybe its a little dirty? WAIT, don’t open it before you attend this class! Be smart and be prepared! We’re not talking snakes and rats here.

Topics include:

  • Codes and Standards
  • Safety Fundamentals
  • Electric Shock
  • ARC Flash and Blast
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Maintenance for Safety

Expect tests before and after instruction. 70% passing grade required for certificate

Register here.

NOTE: We require a minimum of 20 students to hold the class and a max of 25. We reserve the right to cancel the class if the minimum is not reached.Refunds will be provided if we cancel the class.

July Meeting: What’s New at Nautel

For several decades, the technological, bandwidth, and cost differences between television and radio made them two different electronic media. Information technology erases many of those differences. For example, IBOC has provisions for video while ATSC has provisions for radio, and IP has provisions for both. If broadcast engineering was separated into TV and radio in the past, this generation of engineers is divided between the over-the-air and content technologists. Broadcasting’s future is always bright and the nature of its creators, transmission, content and business plans constantly changing. There are practical things broadcast engineers can do for their stations and themselves, and some things broadcast engineers at some level already mostly know we can expect of the future.

Nautel has been working on both TV and radio transmitters of late, and are especially known for their products’ condition reporting that leads to predictive servicing and a tight design loop.

Join us Wednesday, July 15, 2015 at 12 noon at KFMB, 7677 Engineer Road in Kearny Mesa, San Diego. Nautel buys lunch.

About Our Guest Speaker

Fred Baumgartner, CPBE, is a fellow in the Society of Broadcast Engineers, a trustee of the Ennes Foundation, Fellow of the Radio Club of America and Nautel’s TV product manager. Fred was Director of Broadcast Engineering for Qualcomm’s MediaFLO project. Previously, he directed Leitch/Harris’ Systems Engineering group. Up to that time, he served as Director of Engineering for the Comcast Media Center in Denver. Before joining the satellite and cable origination world, he held the positions of Chief Engineer in Denver, Indianapolis, and Madison. Fred was also heavily involved with the development of EAS, and has authored several hundred articles on radio and TV engineering.

FCC Memo Says San Diego Field Office May Close

Articles in Radio World and ARRL websites last week each quote internal FCC memos saying the Enforcement Bureau is set to reduce its field staff by half and close two-thirds of its field offices, including the one in San Diego. In the memo, EB Chief Travis LeBlanc and FCC Managing Director Jon Wilkins said the Bureau needed to take “a fresh look” at its 20-year-old operating model in light of technology changes and tighter budgets.

Under the plan, in the southwest, the Los Angeles field office would remain open, and Phoenix would have detection equipment in place but San Diego’s office would permanently close.

Part of the staff reduction plan would include creating a “Tiger Team” of agents “flexible enough to support other high-priority initiatives.” Under the plan, all field agents would have engineering backgrounds “to support the primary focus on RF spectrum enforcement.”

Apparently management would not be immune from the cuts, with director positions shrinking from 21 to 5, and administrative support positions from 10 down to 3.

San Diego Broadcast Tech News

June Gonzalez, long-time San Diego office FCC agent, is retiring at the end of the month. She’s been with the FCC since they administered First Class Radiotelephone license tests.

Congratulations to new member Joshua Hager for passing his Certified Broadcast Technician (CBT) exam as part of a school course.

KPBS producer/operator Roberta Griego recently joined Chapter 36.