Bext Joins As Chapter 36 Sponsor

Many thanks to new SBE Chapter 36 sponsor Bext, Inc., San Diego supplier and service center for FM transmitters, antennas, filters, STLs, and even custom RF amplifiers for scientific, industrial or medical applications. 

The Bext line of XL FM transmitters from 50 to 22000 Watts include Ethernet-connected remote control built in and several types of connectivity options.  I got to thoroughly test drive them (and then wrote the manual), and I have to say I was impressed. They have a built-in stereo generator with audio limiter, as well as optional RDS dynamic encoder, SNMP2, AES-EBU, Audio-over-IP capability, programmable FSK ID Keyer and a built-in user manual file always accessible through a USB on the front panel.   Breaking news—the 150 W and 300 W models are LPFM FCC Certified.   For southern California stations, you have the advantage of in-stock, off-the-shelf availability and immediate replacements or loaners.  No waiting for shipments!

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