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March 2014 Meeting: Local QVidium

Many thanks to KGTV for hosting the lunch Meeting on Wednesday, March 19, and to Steve Moreen of RF Specialties for picking up the lunch tab.

Our guest presenter, Dr. Ron Fellman, Founder and President of QVidium Technologies based here in San Diego, gave a highly informative lecture well targeted for the broadcast engineering audience.

Ron has had a significant involvement in the research and development of video transport over the Internet as both a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCSD and the founder and former President of Path1 Networks.  His presentation provided a historical overview of video over Internet streaming technology as well as the state-of-the-art techniques now used in QVidium and QVAVC™ products to enable the transport of broadcast-quality video, including High Definition (HD) video, over Internet networks with reliability and minimal latency.