June Online Meeting: KNBC Transmitter Engineer Dennis Doty Talks About His Years Atop Mount Wilson

Dennis Doty spends his days working on the mountain above the Los Angeles Basin making sure KNBC doesn’t miss a precious minute of airtime. It’s an interesting job, and he has a few things to say about the job he’s had for over 15 years. Dennis will cover some advice:

  • Sometimes we need to listen to the weather guy
  • Be prepared for rare events
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Do the best with what you have to work with
  • Don’t become a liability
  • Recover and work as a community

Join SBE 47 and 36 for Dennis’s Zoom presentation on Tuesday, June 13, at 11:30 AM PDT.

About Our Speaker, Dennis Doty

Dennis is a broadcast engineer with over 38 years in TV broadcasting.  Fresh out of high school in the Imperial Valley, he started in master control at KECY El Centro back in the days before automation.  They aired from satellite, film,  ¾” UMatic, 1” and even quad 2″ tape formats.  Dennis worked his way up through directing and technical directing, offline and online editing, then to station engineering at KESQ Palm Springs, FNN, Disney Channel and a few others. 

In 2000, Dennis became Chief Engineer for XETV Fox 6 San Diego on the first Avid/Grass Valley disk-drive-based news operation, a proving ground to the automated newsroom systems we have today.  After leaving Fox 6 he came back into LA working with a group of stations that lead him up to Mt Wilson.  After a few years Dennis was contacted by NBC about joining their transmitter team on Mt. Wilson.

Dennis has been with NBC / Telemundo on Mt. Wilson and  Mt. Harvard for over 15 years.  Currently he is responsible for all NBC site operations.  They man the site daily and 24/7 during extreme weather and fires.