Here Comes the Next Best Thing—March 22 SBE Event at iHeartMedia San Diego

A big product road show comes to San Diego again this year. An array of displays with representatives of several broadcast manufacturers will visit iHeartMedia, 9660 Granite Ridge Dr. behind Suite 100 on March 22 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Drive to the main parking lot and walk around the east side of the building to the rear. SWIT USA sponsors lunch and Myat, Inc. sponsors a chance to win a $50 VISA Gift Card. For more information and to register (not required for attendance), see or call Doak Turner at 815-721-6338.

The show is hosted by the Broadcasters General Store and Second Opinion Communications and features these sponsors:

  • ENCO – broadcast automation
  • Forecast – technical furniture
  • Altronic Research – RF dummy loads
  • Angry Audio – processors and accessories
  • Challenger Communications – satellite antennas
  • Core SWX – battery charging solutions
  • D2D Technologies – DTV processors and multiplexers
  • Dielectric – FM and TV transmission antennas and RF devices
  • Digital Alert Systems – EAS processors
  • Henry Engineering – audio and control accessories
  • Inovonics – audio processors, RDS messaging, and signal monitors
  • Jampro – antennas and associated RF transmission solutions
  • Myat – RF transmission products
  • Nautel – AM and FM transmitters
  • NEMAL – optical and copper connectivity products
  • Studio Hub – audio connectivity devices
  • SWIT USA – ENG camera video transmitters, monitors, lighting, mounts, and power solutions
  • Tieline – Audio-over-IP transmission solutions
  • Toner Cable – RF facility distribution products seller
  • Worldcast – FM transmitters, RDS encoding, sound processors, IP codecs, and broadcast remote control products
  • YellowTec – studio accessories, voice recorders