October 11 SBE Presentation: Multi-camera Sync and Transcoding

Jay Gedanken of Media Excel will be talking about multi-camera synchronization with arbitrary delays on the cameras as well as transcoding.

Register here for the online Zoom presentation Tuesday, October 11, at 6:30 PM, organized by SBE Chapter 47 of Los Angeles.

About Our Guest

Jay has been involved in digital video since its commercial inception, around 25 years starting with MPEG 1 to the current technology H.265 often referred to as HEVC. His focus has been on encoding, decoding and transcoding either for storage or transmission over IP, cloud, satellite, terrestrial or virtually any pipe. His background also includes systems design, systems integration and installation as well as pro audio and live video production.

Media Excel is no newcomer to digital video and is an industry leader in encoding, transcoding and decoding. The HERO family of products are flexible, high performance, cost effective and robust, with many different configurations to fit your specific requirements.