FCC OKs 101.1 MHz FM Translator CP for KECR (AM) El Cajon

In a convoluted ruling, the FCC on April 19, 2022 issued a Memorandum Opinion and Order granting Family Stations its construction permit to build out K266CO from atop Mt. San Miguel on 101.1 MHz (channel 266), co-channel with KVIB-LP at Balboa Park and KRTH Los Angeles, a grandfathered, traditionally big signal in San Diego.

KVIB owner Positive Hope had objected on grounds that it had filed a mutually exclusive application to modify its low power signal. The FCC had dismissed that application on grounds that it violated separation requirements with respect to the pending translator application.

The complexity of the case was partly due to the timing of KRSA-LP’s failure to build out facilities in El Cajon on 101.1.

RadioWorld’s Susan Ashworth wrote a more detailed summary of the case.