FCC Approves KWFN and KOGO Moves

The FCC in mid-February 2022 approved Audacity sports talk station KWFN 97.3 FM’s Minor Modification application to relocate from the KOGO tower to the KGB-FM tower one mile to the northwest. KWFN plans to share an 8-bay ERI “rototiller” antenna with KGB-FM 101.5 and radiate 38 kW horizontal and vertical polarity atop the KLSD (AM) tower. 

On February 24, 2022, the FCC granted the KOGO (AM) application to move to the KGB-AM 760 kHz site at the west end of Santee. KOGO will be allowed to output 9 kW directional daytime and 10 kW directional nighttime. To keep the same radiation, the old power of 5 kW needed to be raised due to the much shorter antennas.

After the move, the KOGO towers on Vertical Bridge property will reportedly come down and the property developed for homes.