Fry’s Electronics Closes All Stores

It’s the end of an era, really. KRON-TV reported it first, saying Fry’s Electronics was going to close its doors soon. Then Fry’s made it official on February 24. All stores, including those in San Marcos and San Diego, were officially closed. They have an agent taking care of warranty service issues.

The stores had been limping along since they lost significant inventory in August 2019. They attempted to force consignees to supply all stock at no risk to Fry’s, but few took the bait. With empty shelves and buyers moving to convenient online purchasing, they joined a host of other big box dealers to their death.

It was fun while it last, though. Fry’s had something for everyone in their heyday, from computer parts to electronic components, movie DVDs to major appliances. You could lose an afternoon in the place. They ran attractive ads with real bargains that could attract huge crowds. Their stores were large enough to support a restaurant and product demonstrations.

It’s 7:00 PM. Do I hear an Amazon truck outside?