San Diego’s 101.1 Saga Continues

Following the exploits of inserting a signal or two or three on 101.1 MHz into San Diego can be a part-time job. KRTH (FM) Los Angeles, the ancient, grandfathered behemoth it remains, covers far outside its home market. Here’s what San Diegans are doing to try to change that:

KVIB-LP San Diego, owned by the World Beat Center, was granted an STA request to remain silent on August 20, 2019. An FCC Minor Modification application dated September 10, 2019, notes a new station location at 3295 Meade Avenue in Normal Heights–a location less encumbered by antenna height limits and with greater surrounding population. [9/19/19 UPDATE – The FCC dismissed the move to Normal Heights due to spacing requirements to the new application by KECR, below, made only days before. –GS]

KECR (AM) requested a translator on 100.1 MHz, but the FCC dismissed that application, saying it violated an international agreement protecting the 2nd adjacent channel XHTY 99.7 in Tijuana. That protection extends to 72 km. They filed September 5, 2019, for 101.1 MHz instead, with a northward radiation pattern from Mt. San Miguel.

KRSP-LP El Cajon was granted a license last year to operate on 101.1 MHz, but La Maestra Clinic, the licensee, later wrote a letter to the FCC stating that in fact, the station had never been constructed or operated and was turning in its license. A later Petition for Reconsideration from another party claiming to be associated with the Clinic wanted the license reinstated. The FCC put an end to that Petition by denying it in a September 10 letter.

It will be interesting to see what happens. Any low power station will be challenged by the magnitude of the KRTH signal.