KFSD 1450 Escondido Goes Silent

Astor Broadcasting filed in June 2019 an FCC request to go off-the-air while searching for a buyer. The station had been broadcasting “music standards” from the 1950s and 1960s, but the company’s lawyer explained to the FCC that the station “has been operating at a loss for a lengthy period of time.” According to FCC records, the station went silent June 1, 2019.

According to Wikipedia, the KFSD callsign traces back to the 1920s on 620 kHz (later 600 kHz). When Time-Life Broadcasting chose the KOGO callsign for their properties on 600 kHz, 94.1 MHz, and channel 10, the KFSD callsign disappeared until 1973, when 94.1 MHz picked it up again. Astor used the KFSD callsign first in 2001, switched to KSPA, and returned to KFSD in 2012.

At various times, Astor operated KOWN AM 1450, KOWF FM 92.1, and KCEO 1000 in North San Diego County, and KIKF Anaheim. Company founder Art Astor passed away in 2016.

Thanks to Bill Lipis for this news tip.