Christyahna CP for 93.7 Translator on Miguel

On October 2, 2018, the FCC granted a Construction Permit for Christyahna Broadcasting to build a 4 W FM translator station on 93.7 MHz at Mt. San Miguel with its city of license Lemon Grove but a service pattern aimed northeast toward El Cajon.

This summer they were granted an accompanying CP for a 500 watt AM radio station on 1400 kHz with a curiously located daytime transmitter at the old KSDO transmitter site and nighttime transmitter at a house in Lemon Grove.

According to Wikipedia, Christyahna principal Gerry Turro was past Chief Engineer at WNEW New York, then the operator of the famous “Jukebox Radio” network WJUX in northern New Jersey. The FCC eventually broke up the network of low power FM stations in 2003 after it was accused by competitors of improperly extending its coverage with translators outside its primary coverage area using fiber links to the various transmitters. Turro helped build KRLY-LP in Alpine, California, but left the station in 2005 and the station license was transferred.