Displaced San Diego LPTVs Ask for Relief – UPDATED 6/7/2018

Two San Diego LPTV outlets have requested new channel assignments after having been displaced by telecom taking over 600 MHz telecom spectrum that had been UHF TV channels 38 through 51. Digital LPTV stations have until May 15 to request a displacement channel.

KVSD-LD channel 26 on Mt. Woodson requested displacement channel 35 after KSWB-TV was assigned channel 26. If they make the requested move, KVSD will share channel 35 in southern California with KTLA-TV Los Angeles, which is planning to move to that channel from 31 next year.

KSDY-LD channel 50 on Mt. San Miguel asked the FCC for displacement channel 25. KBNT-CD will abandon channel 25 when it moves to channel 24 next year. If KSDY is given channel 25, it will share that allocation in southern California with KVEA-TV Los Angeles.

KDTF-LD, Entravision channel 51 on Mt. San Miguel asked the FCC for displacement channel 25. Their sister station KBNT-CD will abandon channel 25 when it moves to channel 24 next year. The channel 25 request is mutually exclusive to KSDY-LD’s CP application.

KTCD-LP, Entravision analog channel 46+ on Mt. Woodson, asked the FCC for displacement channel 31 with digital service. If given that channel, it would share that allocation in southern California with KNBC-TV Los Angeles.

KZSD-LP, Scripps Media analog channel 39+ on Mt. San Miguel, asked the FCC for displacement channel 20 with new digital service. This one should be interesting since channel 20 is occupied by T-band land mobile for Orange and Los Angeles counties. An attempt by Televisa to occupy channel 20 from Tijuana was quickly thwarted by the T-band occupants in 2008. The other unusual factor with this request is that it asks to move from its licensed channel 41 location. KZSD has been operating for years on an STA placing it on channel 39 at Miguel.

KRPE-LP, Venture Technologies, operators of “Franken-FM” channel 6 analog “Franken-FM” from Palomar Mountain, had asked the FCC for channel 17 digital, which has not been approved. They used that application, however, to file for displacement by KNSD, who is moving to 17. The last-minute filing is for channel 25 on Mt. Woodson, which may or may not be considered mutually exclusive with the filings for channel 25 by KSDY and KDTF on Mt. San Miguel.

KDUG-LP, Sky Blue Broadcasting, Inc., channel 21, canceled all pending applications to expand and digitize their operations, as well as their current license and temporary authority to operate near San Marcos. Last year, Mexico objected to KDUG operation on channel 21 at Mt. Woodson due to predicted interference to XHUAA in Baja California on channel 22, causing the FCC to state it would dismiss their application as filed at that time.

Note: I serve as a consultant to ICN, owners of KSDY-LD.