FM Peanut Stations are Cropping Up Around San Diego

iHeartMedia and Crawford Broadcasting took advantage of the FCC’s offer to allocate a translator channel to help AM stations find a distribution less buried by electrical noise and nighttime signal nulls.

iHeart’s KLSD 1360 installed a system atop Mt. Soledad on the KGTV “H” auxiliary services tower. According to Director of Engineering John Rigg, K277DH broadcasts on 103.3 MHz with a 250W ERP vertically-polarized signal from a Scala CLFM yagi array aimed northeast, covering University City, Mira Mesa, and even Rancho Penasquitos. They were on the Bay City TV tower in Kearny Mesa, but moved in December 2017.

iHeart’s KOGO 600 has an application to build on the KGB tower in the Oak Park area of southeast San Diego. K292CR would also be on 103.3 MHz with a 50 watt ERP horizontally-polarized signal aimed southeast.

Crawford’s KNSN 1240 installed a system on the KNSN tower at the junction of CA-15 and I-5 southeast of downtown San Diego. K277DG is also on 103.3 MHz with a 15-watt horizontally-polarized signal aimed southeast covering downtown San Diego and much of National City.

Catholic Radio in December 2017 lit up a low power FM transmitter on 93.7 MHz from the belfry at the St. Joseph Cathedral at 3rd and Beech Streets. The omnidirectional, circularly-polarized Shively 6812 antenna puts out 50W into downtown, Hillcrest, North Park, Coronado Island, and Pt. Loma. Yours truly is completing this project.