November 18 Meeting: Henry’s Little Boxes

If you work at a typical broadcast station, you have a number of little boxes under a console or in the back of an equipment rack. They amplify the lower level of a prosumer audio playback device, mute a speaker, or digitize an audio feed. Hank Landsberg is one of the original interface box makers and says he’s sold 120,000 little blue boxes. He still makes the IHF interface amps, but now offers a wide product selection, including a new AES audio switcher, PowerClamp surge suppressors, and A-to-D converters.

Come meet Hank and learn a thing or two about how he got started, what’s different about his blue boxes, and what’s new to the line-up.

Join us at iHeart Media, 9660 Granite Ridge Drive, San Diego on Wednesday, November 18th at 12 noon. Henry buys us lunch. All are all welcome.

About Hank Landsberg

Hank started Henry Engineering in 1982. “Back in the olden analog days, I was Director of Engineering for Drake-Chenault (1974-1989). The company was “frugal”, and used lots of consumer gear in the studios. I was constantly building interface amps to connect this unbalanced hi-fi gear to their consoles. Then I thought ‘I’ll bet other stations have this same problem!’ And that’s where The Matchbox got its start.

“And it grew from there. Product #2 was the Universal Turntable Controller (in 1984, to interface Technics SP10 turntables), followed by Superelay in 1985.”