October 21 Meeting: Video to Go by TV Pro Gear

The term “flypack” has meant many things over the years, from small, portable video production systems in a travel rack case, to satellite uplink systems built for airline cargo spaces. At our October meeting, TV Pro Gear will update us on current trends in production flypacks. With better large scale integration, users can pile more stuff into small spaces, and Andy Maisner will show us just what the current capabilities and limits are, in both a remote vehicle and Flypak™.

Join us October 21, 2015 at 12 noon, at KGTV, 4600 Airway in San Diego for a free lunch and presentation from TV Pro Gear. As always, this meeting is open to all. 

Flypak™ Information

TV Pro Gear will be showing their new Generation-5 Carbon Fiber Flypak™. The system features six Panasonic AK-HC3800 cameras on SMPTE fiber, Fujinon lenses, Libec carbon fiber tripods, a six-channel instant replay system, a 40-input digital audio mixer and a Clearcom intercom with IFB.

The new flypak adheres to the the Ross Open Platform as it contains:

  • Ross Carbonite 24-input switcher with two M/E banks and six keyers
  • Ross Xpression title/graphics generator
  • Ross Blackstorm mulit-channel video server
  • Ross 64X64 HD-SDI video router
  • Ross 64X64 Analog audio router
  • Ross Network Bridge

The Flypak™ can be used inside the Mercedes Benz high-roof extended van or it can be removed and wheel inside the venue to be closer to the action.

Maisner built the world’s first Flypak™ in 1978 using a 2” Ampex recorder with Philips 3-tube cameras. The new Generation-5 Carbon Fiber system is the result of 37 years of incremental improvements. Capable of shooting sports, concerts and conferences, the Flypak™ has the capabilities of a 40’ video truck.

TV Pro Gear has built similar systems for AT&T, Comcast, NBC and dozens of affiliates, schools and Churches.