Importance of Proper Grounding Webinar

The “Importance of Proper Grounding” SBE webinar will be presented on Thursday, July 23 at 2 p.m. ET. The one-hour program will review the elements of a building’s wiring and grounding systems (including lightning protection) that pertain to power quality at communications facilities and improve up-time. Proper wiring and grounding, beyond those minimal requirements of the NEC, can greatly alleviate power quality problems in broadcast and public service communications facilities. These improvements can be very cost-effective, usually simple in description, and help prevent costly downtime and equipment damage. The presentation concentrates on actual experiences at broadcast facilities where grounding and lightning protection were of paramount importance in maintaining system availability.

David Brender, P.E., national program manager for the Copper David Brender Development Association (CDA) is the presenter. Brender directs and manages the electrical programs at CDA, including their power quality, building wire program, telecommunications wire, research and National Electrical Code activities. He has made presentations to broadcasting technical audiences including at SBE Ennes Workshops. He is a principal member of Panel 5 of the National Electrical Code, a Senior Member of the IEEE, and a life member of the Association of Energy Engineers.

Registration fee is $49 for SBE members and $80 for non-members. Register online or call the SBE National Office at 317-846-9000. Completion of this webinar qualifies for one credit, identified under Category I of the Recertification Schedule for SBE Certifications.