September 17 Meeting: Yellowtec by Uhl

Mike Uhl pays a visit to Chapter 36 for a September meeting in San Diego. He’s representing great German design in Yellowtec audio products and studio accessories.

Join us at 12 noon, Wednesday, September 17th at Clear Channel Communications, 9660 Granite Ridge Drive in Kearny Mesa. Mike buys lunch.

Mike will show off:

  • monitor and mic arms designed to improve the look of your studio,
  • a new warning light system,
  • external computer sound interface devices, and
  • a field recording device.

About Mike

Michael Uhl is a veteran – he got into the audio business in 1976 when he joined Mad Jack’s Sound Center in El Cajon. He soon moved up the road to work for Jack Williams at Pacific Recorders & Engineering, where he got a real education in how to do it right. His resume also includes Sierra Automated Systems in Burbank, and Telos/Omnia/Axia in Cleveland.

While working at PR&E, he dealt with a couple of guys from Germany, Peter Thum and Hanno Mahr. They had a systems integration business that used BMX and Radiomixer consoles, and from that activity grew the Yellowtec brand. Now Michael serves as the exclusive distributor for Yellowtec products in the USA and Latin America.