And the Winner is…

The Society of Broadcast Engineers has had a long history of recognizing engineers for their professional and personal accomplishments.  Earlier this year, the SBE announced the creation of the Chapter Engineer of the Year award as a way for each local chapter to “recognize the efforts of a specific individual who best furthers the goals and objectives of their SBE Chapter, and provides an outstanding example of local/regional leadership and ethics.”

With this new charter, the San Diego chapter officers decided to solicit members to nominate a fellow engineer deserving of this award.  An announcement was made in the monthly newsletter along with an email request to all San Diego SBE members to send nominations directly to the chairman.  Nominations were then evaluated by a committee of well-respected engineers from the local television and radio broadcast community that were currently not serving as chapter officers.  After the votes were tallied, the award nomination was sent to SBE national office for final approval.

Speaking candidly about the award program and the importance of recognition, I had a bit of trepidation going into this process.  Mainly because the San Diego SBE chapter has a quite large cross-section of outstanding engineers and leaders to consider as potential award recipients.  My other concern was whether or not there would be any nominations at all.  Let’s face it; most of us have day jobs.  Although recognition programs are important, they frequently take the backseat to whatever is paying the bills.  Having said that, I can say I am proud that the San Diego SBE chapter was one of 12 local chapters out of 146 that nominated a Chapter Engineer of the Year.

Drum roll!  Please join me in congratulating Gary Stigall as the 2013 Chapter Engineer of the Year!

When you consider the criteria for this year’s award, it is no wonder why the members of the San Diego SBE chapter unanimously voted for Gary.  Quoting a fellow member, “Gary is the glue that keeps the chapter together.”  Although Gary presently holds “appointed” positions for the chapter (Certification Chair and Webmaster), he has served in virtually every position of leadership for the chapter during the past fifteen years.  Throughout his tenure with the San Diego chapter, Gary has coordinated over 100 meetings, seminars and functions.  He is also an elected member of the SBE National Board of Directors (2011-2013) – a first for our chapter!

Gary’s background includes working as an engineer, manager, consultant, and executive in the radio and television broadcast industry for over 35 years.  In 2012, Gary launched his own broadcast engineering/technical services business.  He also presently works for the National Football League as the Game-Day Frequency Coordinator for local San Diego Chargers’ games.

There is much more to say about Gary contributions and accomplishments, but I will close with offering my personal thanks for his outstanding leadership towards improving and promoting our local chapter.