Chapter 36 Leaders Begin New Term

The election of officers concluded 12/12/12 at 12 midnight with–surprise–the slate of uncontested officers winning all 20 submitted votes. The convenience of online polling might have brought the highest participation rate ever.

These positions will be inducted at the Holiday Luncheon, December 12th:

Chairman – Doug Alman of AT&T UVerse Operations volunteered to keep the position for another year.

Vice Chairman – Steve Moreen of RF Specialties California would move into this position from Secretary/Treasurer.

Secretary/Treasurer – Matthew Schiller of KGTV stepped up to offer his help for the coming year.

Program Chair – New member Liza Lopez hopes to help the chapter organize meetings and other events in the coming year.

Another position is appointed by the Chairman. The new position of Social Media Director will incorporate Meetup, Facebook, and the chapter WordPress website management. Mike Clark of AT&T will work with Gary Stigall to fulfill the messaging needs of the chapter.