November 2011 Meeting – DNF Controls

You’ve surely heard the term “glue” used to discuss converters made to serve as transitional equipment during the transition from analog to digital broadcasting. For as long as I can remember, DNF Controls has been serving up a kind of “control glue,” selling those familiar yellow and black boxes and panels that remotely control some piece of video gear, whether videotape machine remote panels or interface protocol converters.

DNF presents to Chapter 36 this month some information about a flexible machine control system that works over a number of serial protocols, including the internet. They say you can use the Flex system to control servers, multiviewers, routers, video switchers, VTRs, graphics generators, and even audio mixers.

Join us Wednesday, November 16th at noon at TV Magic, 8112 Engineer Road in San Diego. Lunch is provided by DNF. As always, members and guests are welcome. Expect the meeting to last until about 1:30 PM.