Tektronix Offers Digital TV and MPEG Test Seminar

Tektronix will give a free course in digtal TV and MPEG measurement Tuesday, October 11 at TV Magic in San Diego from 9AM till 3:30PM. The seminar includes snacks and a full lunch. More information and registration can be found here.  Note that attending SBE members are eligible for certification renewal points upon completion of this seminar.

Demonstration and Presentation Topics

QC and Troubleshooting Video Tape Work Flows; HD and SD

  • Color and Gamut Measurement
  • Closed Caption Issues
  • Ancillary Data Analysis
  • Audio/Video Delay
  • Capture of Transient Problems; Status and Error Logging
  • Aspect Ratio Conversion Issues (SD>HD>SD), AFD

3D Technology Discussion and Parameter Measurements

  • 3D Workflow
  • Testing at Various Points of 3D Content Delivery

Digital Audio: Loudness Measurement and CALM Act

  • ITU-R BS.1770 Loudness, DialNorm Discussion
  • Loudness Standards
  • Loudness Measurement Method
  • LKFS in MPEG

MPEG and Video Quality

  • Video Quality System, Quality of Experience
  • MPEG Analysis
  • File-based Content

About the Presenter

The seminar will be led by Steve Holmes, Sr. Application Engineer. Steve has been with Tektronix for 12 years and has over 25 years of video experience. Prior to working at Tektronix, Steve spent 20 years installing, teaching, engineering, and managing Video and CATV systems. Today Steve consults and teaches test methodologies for Broadcast, Studio, Cable and Manufacturing for customers based in the Western United States and Western Canada.