Local DTV Displacements Making Progress

San Diego low power TV stations are finally getting their digital tickets from the FCC.

  • KSDX-LD was granted a license for 275 watts omnidirectional on channel 9 from Mt. San Miguel. The KRCA Spanish language repeater recently shutdown channel 29 analog, which confounded everyone with its co-channel broadcast only a few miles from Tijuana digital XHTIT.
  • K61GH was granted a Special Temporary Authority to operate on channel 50 on November 5, 2009. The Mt. San Miguel station will operate a 15 kW ATSC station with a northerly beam about 90° wide.
  • KDTF-LD was granted a Construction Permit for operation on channel 51 digital from Mt. San Miguel with 12.4 kW with a broad beam to the southwest meant to serve metro San Diego as well. This Entravision property has been tricasting not only their primary Telefutura network, but also subchannels containing their Univision and MyNetworkTV feeds.
  • KBOP-CA applied for a displacement to move to channel 42 from channel 43 on Mt. San Miguel with 10 kW ERP with a medium width beam to serve metro San Diego to the west, with little energy in other directions.