July 2009 Meeting – Telos Zephyr IP

It’s been about 25 years since Steve Church first visited Chapter 36 with his amazing new Telos auto-nulling DSP hybrid. It was one of those mind-bending moments that can change the way you look at everything thereafter.

Telos returns to San Diego for our July 15 meeting. Mike Uhl will talk about voice over IP technology using the public internet for high-quality two-way communication. Featuring the latest codecs from Fraunhofer and automatically adjustable codec designs from Telos, the Zephyr IP is said to provide a reliable connection. This allows broadcasters and other program providers to achieve ISDN quality without the installation issues and costs associated with ISDN service.

Join us at TV Magic for a 12 noon lunch, followed by a brief business agenda and the main presentation, to end by 1:30 PM so that you can return to work.