Eric Schecter Headed to Phoenix

Chapter 36 Chairman Eric Schecter has returned to his old position as Director of Engineering for the CBS cluster in Phoenix. He moved this month after leaving a similar job in San Diego at Lincoln Financial Services last fall. Eric resigned his office in the SBE last month when he received the job offer in Arizona.

The chapter will have to elect a replacement.

Before departing, Eric wrote us a message:

Dear Friends,

Please excuse the impersonal nature of this posting, and know that if I could write each of you individually, I would.

My arrival in San Diego four years ago was the culmination of a goal to come about as far West as anyone could.  My first opportunity back in 1996 didn’t quite work out, so when an opening to work in the America’s finest city in 2005 became available…well, it was irresistible!

Times and fortunes have changed dramatically since  ’05, and as you may know, I found myself with an unanticipated and extended “vacation” late last year. As they say, tea break over, back on your heads, and so it is that I will be leaving San Diego, and heading back to the inferno otherwise known as Phoenix. At least I get to regain my status as a Zonie!

It has been my distinct honor and pleasure to serve as your Chapter Chair for the past few years. Collectively, we’ve managed to turn the Chapter around by changing the meetings to Noontime affairs, increasing attendance and maintaining a healthy bank balance. Along the way, our esteemed webmaster and program chair, Gary Stigall, has won a National award for his hard work and dedication. I often hear other chapters comment that our site looks so good, and has such great content, that they are often tempted to do a cut ‘n’ paste! The members of Chapter 36 are some of the friendliest and most talented around.

I leave knowing that Chapter 36 is in good hands and wish all of you the best in 2009 and beyond.

Eric Schecter
Chapter 36 Chairman

Eric may be reached at or by phone at 602-452-1080.