November 2008 Meeting – Rorke Data

While you weren’t looking, your audio and video media hard drive technology has gone through a quiet revolution. No longer are we striping arrays of SCSI drives to compensate for balky seek times and bus limits. SCSI and RAID technologies have gone virtual. If you’re like me, you may have taken a lot of this for granted. Our November meeting presentation by Rorke Data sorts out what’s going on with today’s spinning disk and linear tape data storage media.

Rorke Data specializes in broadcast media, and you’ll find their products in many of the systems sold by automation and software companies. Look for engineer Todd Dahlgren to cover: RAID 6, cluster file systems, iSCSI, InfiniBand, the continuing role of linear tape open (LTO) long-term storage, and even optical storage. Todd and representative Teresa McPherson will answer questions about their full storage line.

Join us for this lunch ‘n’ learn meeting Wednesday, November 19, at noon, at TV Magic in Kearny Mesa. Rorke buys lunch. As always, members and guests are welcome. We should be finished by 1:30.