FCC Posts New NCE FM Applicants

In its Daily Digest for Wednesday, November 14, the FCC published a list of non-commercial and educational (NCE) FM new station applicants that exceeded 700 pages in PDF format. The text only version exceeded a half megabyte. Those new applications represent the floodgate opened when the FCC recently issued a filing window for new NCE stations. It’s especially remarkable when you consider that each applicant was limited to 10 filings.

In San Diego County, applications were for facilities outside the city. The FCC summarily dismissed a Valley Center filing on 88.1 MHz for violating service contours of existing stations. An application by the European Cultural Association for a station in National City on 88.9 MHz seems to ignore the presence of adjacent channel XHITT 88.7 in Tijuana, a public station run by the  Instituto Tecnologico de Tijuana less than 10 miles away.  San Diego State University, licensees of KPBS and KQVO, applied for three stations in Borrego Springs and Calipatria (Imperial County).

An application for the Rincon on 89.5 MHz turns out not to be for Rincon, California as the FCC lists it, but for Rincon, New Mexico. Consultant Bob Gonsett took the time to look at the engineering data to discover the intended community of service.

Here’s a summary of San Diego County new NCE applications found. Note that Calipatria is in Imperial County.

National City 88.9 European Cultural Association BNPED-20071018AQS
Romona 89.9 Activist San Diego BNPED-20071022AEZ
Descanso 89.1 Activist San Diego BNPED-20071022AFB
Pine Valley 89.1 Centro Cristano Cosecha Final BNPED-20071022ABP
Valley Center  88.1 Centro Cristano Vida Abundante BNPED-20071018ABK
Pala 91.3 Pala Band of Mission Indians BNPED-20071016AFG
Borrego Springs  91.3 Borrego Springs Christian Center BNPED-20071012ASL
Borrego Springs  91.3 San Diego State University BNPED-20071018AVI
Borrego Springs  88.1 San Diego State University BNPED-20071018AVJ
 Borrego Springs  88.1 Centro de Intercesion y Adoracion Internacional BNPED-20071022AIR
Calipatria 88.1 San Diego State University BNPED-20071018AVL

John Rigg, who provides contract engineering services for Finest City Broadcasting, operators of XETRA-FM on 91.1, said of the new applications, “These are going to be more fun than a box of snakes.”