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Society of Broadcast Engineers, San Diego

SBE Chapter 36 - Society of Broadcast Engineers, San Diego

Nautel Visits SBE May 14th

This month we welcome new chairman Andrew Lombard to the helm and thank Doug Alman for two great years of service. All that, and Ellis Terry comes to town to update us on what’s going on at Nautel. Join us Wednesday, May 14th at 12 noon at the Clear Channel Radio facilities, 9660 Granite Ridge Drive. Steve Moreen buys lunch, and YOU are welcome. Ellis Terry, Nautel’s West Region Sales Manager, will present a look inside Nautel’s new GV Series.

The GV Series is Nautel’s new Green series, sporting the Highest HD performance, asymmetrical sidebands, HD PowerBoost, MER instrumentation, Constellation view Spectrum analyzer, HD reliable transport, AUI integrated webserver, Email, SNMP, automatic AC recovery, automatic logging and many more features now as standard equipment, plus Nautel’s 4 year warranty.

FCC So Far Not Allowing Area Low Power FM CPs

To date, numerous applications for low power FM stations in San Diego county filed during the October-November 2013 window have been dismissed due to violations of 2nd adjacent channel spacing rules.

In March, applications by Dennis Newsome and The Rice Church for 101.1 MHz stations were rejected. Each is inside the 2nd adjacent channel interference zones for KFMB-FM and KGB-FM in San Diego. Other applicants for 101.1 have yet to be addressed.

An application for 99.5 MHz in Fallbrook dismissed in January has been appealed after moving transmitter location and is awaiting approval.

The FCC requires that applicants have no potential listeners in the calculated 2nd adjacent interference zone, making it virtually impossible to create a low power FM station in a highly populated area or between large markets.

A number of other local applications were objected to by REC Networks earlier, with some of those applications having been withdrawn and others not addressed yet by the FCC. Those objections were based on the allegation that hundreds of applications were filed by the same entity. The FCC requires that each LPFM application be filed by a unique, local person or group.

Interestingly, numerous 2nd adjacent FM stations co-exist just across the border in Tijuana. The practical interference zone for these stations decreases to zero when stations are co-located.

Chapter 36 Announces New Officers

Current Chairman Doug Alman announced the results of the online election of new officers for the 2014 – 2015 year starting in April. All positions were unopposed, and an additional question asked for nominees for the appointed position of Program Chair.

Here are the newly elected leaders:

  • Chair – Andrew Lombard, CBTE, Chief Engineer at KGTV/Scripps
  • Vice Chair – Manny Cervantes,
  •  Secretary/Treasurer – Matthew Schiller, CBT, Engineer at KGTV

Andrew will pick a Program Chair, either from the nominees or from the chapter at large.

Jon Crick Retires From San Diego TV Engineering

You would have to have been around Jon Crick during the whole of his broadcast engineering career to appreciate the enormous breadth of his talents and experience. He fixed fixed radio and TV transmitters, enormous videotape machine pneumatic systems, digital videotape recorders, big audio mixing consoles, the Sony Library Management System robotics and studio camera robotics. He operated satellite news trucks big and small, wired 100-amp UPS devices, planned multi-camera shoots, and installed production switchers. The documentation was always before he started a project. Then there are the multiple musical instruments Jon can play with complete competency. 

I met Jon Crick when I started at KFMB in 1990 and had the distinct honor of being able to work with him again at XETV from the time he followed my move there in 2005 until I left in 2010. He retired from channel 6 in March this year.  Continue reading

SBE at the NAB Show

Every year I look forward to the NAB Show. It’s this great change from the daily grind where I get to see old friends and new technologies, often in the booths at the very back of the exhibit halls. And the parties. Did you see Kool and the Gang at the CNN party a few years ago? Wow.

My first was in 1983, when the big exhibitors were RCA and Ampex, both showing off their amazing new 1″ tape machines, their commercial playing robotics systems, and Plumbicon low definition cameras with $30 – $100K price tags.

This year will be #30, after having missed a couple of years in the middle.

The SBE has some great stuff planned for this year. If you have time for nothing else, please make time for the 50th Anniversary Open House Tuesday. And did I mention certification points for attendance?

2014 Ennes Program at the NAB Show  

The annual Ennes Program opens the NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference at 8 am on Saturday, April 5, and runs until 5 pm. The program theme is “Best Engineering Practices,” and includes a diverse list of topics and subject matter experts.

SBE Meetings and Events at the 2014 NAB Show Saturday, April 5
SBE National Frequency Coordination Committee Meeting
3:00pm – 5:00pm, Conference Room 8, Las Vegas Hotel


Sunday, April 6
SBE Board of Directors Meeting*
8:30 am-12:00 pm, Conference Rooms 8-9, Las Vegas Hotel 

Tuesday, April 8
SBE Certification Exams
Must be pre-registered
9:00 am-12:00 pm, Conference Rooms 9-10, Las Vegas Hotel

SBE Frequency Coordinators Meeting
8:30-10:30 am, Conference Rooms 13-14, Las Vegas Hotel

SBE Membership Meeting
5:30-6:30 pm, Room S225, LVCC

SBE 50th Anniversary Reception
6:30-8:30 pm, Room S219, LVCC

March 2014 Meeting: Local QVidium

Many thanks to KGTV for hosting the lunch Meeting on Wednesday, March 19, and to Steve Moreen of RF Specialties for picking up the lunch tab.

Our guest presenter, Dr. Ron Fellman, Founder and President of QVidium Technologies based here in San Diego, gave a highly informative lecture well targeted for the broadcast engineering audience.

Ron has had a significant involvement in the research and development of video transport over the Internet as both a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCSD and the founder and former President of Path1 Networks.  His presentation provided a historical overview of video over Internet streaming technology as well as the state-of-the-art techniques now used in QVidium and QVAVC™ products to enable the transport of broadcast-quality video, including High Definition (HD) video, over Internet networks with reliability and minimal latency.

California Electronics Closes in El Cajon

Another surplus electronics store has closed its doors in the San Diego area. Long-running California Electronics and Industrial Supply on Johnson Road in El Cajon shutdown in February and will open only for customers who plan to buy large quantities of their existing stock.

In the past few years, retail electronics stores have dropped hobbyist stock or closed altogether as the variety and complexity of manufactured electronics goods available has increased and cost decreased. People seldom assemble or repair electronic hardware from scratch.

California Electronics was at one time a favorite stop for hams and tinkerers looking for cheap but hard-to-find electronics parts.

February 19 Meeting: Orban Update

Radio broadcast engineers have been battling a certain inelegance in system design since the advent of hybrid analog/digital FM broadcasting. When you combine the complexities of stereo pilot, stereo L-R, and SCA subcarriers with the complexities of the Ibiquity digital sidebands, you’ve got some serious filter design issues and a lot of hardware.

On February 19th, 2014, Orban Founder and VP of Engineering Bob Orban gave a presentation via Skype reviewing his “A Full Bandwidth Standard” Radio World article discussing a new compositing standard designed to simplify the hybrid FM broadcast and decrease filter aliasing. Additionally, he commented on efficient codecs for audio streaming.

Many thanks to Orban’s rep David Rusch and RF Specialties rep Steve Moreen for lunch, a terrific presentation, and to John Rigg of Clear Channel for hosting the meeting and giving us a full tour of his plant. The place is really buttoned down. Continue reading

January 2014 Meeting Canceled

We’re sorry to do so, but our presenter informs us that he was called away on emergency business and unable to attend. Chairman Doug Alman has canceled the SBE Chapter 36 meeting originally scheduled for Wednesday, January 15th at noon.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.