FCC and FTC Demand Service Providers Cut-off Phone Scammers

WASHINGTON, May 20, 2020—The Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission today demanded that gateway providers allowing COVID-19 pandemic-related scam robocalls into the United States cut off this traffic or face serious consequences. And this time, they named names. This is the second such action taken during the pandemic, following a successful push in April with similar letters from the agencies that led to the termination of other robocallers’ access to American phone networks.

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KDTF-LD to Move to Soledad

The FCC on May 5, 2020 granted Entravision’s application to move Spanish language KDTF-LD from Mt. San Miguel to Mt. Soledad. Since last year’s repack, the station has operated on UHF channel 16, which is co-channel with T-band first responder fire and police in the Los Angeles metro area. The new antenna pattern will provide a deep null in the direction of Los Angeles and Orange Counties while transmitting a 15 kW ERP signal southeast toward San Diego, National City, Chula Vista, and Tijuana. Entravision operates Univision affiliate KBNT-CD channel 24 from the KGTV site on Mt. Soledad now.

SBE 36 Virtual Meeting May 20: Avateq Remote RF Monitoring

Much of what broadcast engineers do these days involves remote monitoring and interaction. What does your radio or TV signal look like at your transmitter? Or studio? From a satellite?

We’ve invited Avateq to tell us a bit about the science and application of remote RF monitoring. Along with general information about the company and the technology, Avateq will introduce viewers to live monitoring capabilities of different product models and open discussions on needed functionality and best practices of remote RF Signal monitoring.

Chapter 36 held our online meeting May 20 with an informative presentation from Avateq. Contact Avateq if you missed this event and would like to join a future presentation.

Avateq manufactures a line of RF signal analyzers and monitoring receivers. Find out more at www.avateq.com.

FCC Chooses New Logo

The Federal Communications Commission announced a new graphic design for a seal they intend to use at a new headquarters being built.

FCC New 2020 Logo
New FCC Logo

The design was a winning entry in an internal contest, submitted by Umasankar Arumagam. The logo uses a combination of new and old elements, including a flat-top AM broadcast tower antenna design from the 1920s.

The FCC move to their new campus has been delayed, as you might guess, by the pandemic.

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