Salem Media Applies for North County Translators

Salem Media, owners of two San Diego area AM radio stations, filed with the FCC recently to modify their FM translator construction permits.

KCBQ San Diego on 1170 kHz is asking for 96.1 MHz in the San Marcos Mountains near Vista with a westward-aiming pattern, callsign K241CT Oceanside.

KPRZ San Marcos on 1210 kHz is asking for 106.1 MHz above Lake San Marcos with a westward-aiming pattern, callsign K291CR Encinitas.

May 9 Meeting – RF Systems Design for the FCC Repack

With respect to the FCC spectrum auction, there are some subtleties in making changes to your RF plant that you should be aware of, whether a host or client station. And it wouldn’t hurt to be aware of the science even if you’re an FM broadcast engineer.

Eddy Vanderkerken of RFS Systems is coming to San Diego to give us some insight into the optimum solutions during the FCC repack and beyond.

  • How antenna design influences radiation patterns
  • The design and manufacturing of antennas
  • How RF filters have evolved
  • The software tools that can be used to select specific solutions

Join us Wednesday, May 9th at 12 noon at iHeart Media, 9660 Granite Ridge Drive, San Diego. Eddy will buy a light lunch and give us a presentation.

About Eddy Vanderkerken

Eddy has been a longtime sales engineer of RF test  equipment for Rohde & Schwarz and now broadcast application equipment for RFS. He has an MSEE degree from Erasmus University in Brussels.

Displaced San Diego LPTVs Ask for Relief – UPDATED

Two San Diego LPTV outlets have requested new channel assignments after having been displaced by telecom taking over 600 MHz telecom spectrum that had been UHF TV channels 38 through 51. Digital LPTV stations have until May 15 to request a displacement channel.

KVSD-LD channel 26 on Mt. Woodson requested displacement channel 35 after KSWB-TV was assigned channel 26. If they make the requested move, KVSD will share channel 35 in southern California with KTLA-TV Los Angeles, which is planning to move to that channel from 31 next year.

KSDY-LD channel 50 on Mt. San Miguel asked the FCC for displacement channel 25. KBNT-CD will abandon channel 25 when it moves to channel 24 next year. If KSDY is given channel 25, it will share that allocation in southern California with KVEA-TV Los Angeles.

KDTF-LD, Entravision channel 51 on Mt. San Miguel asked the FCC for displacement channel 25. Their sister station KBNT-CD will abandon channel 25 when it moves to channel 24 next year. The channel 25 request is mutually exclusive to KSDY-LD’s CP application.

KTCD-LP, Entravision channel 46+ on Mt. Woodson, asked the FCC for displacement channel 31 with digital service. If given that channel, it would share that allocation in southern California with KNBC-TV Los Angeles.

GatesAir Creates Learning Website

GatesAir, the descendant company of Gates, Harris, and Intraplex, has assembled a learning center in order to bring its customers and prospects up to technical speed. Courses touch on subjects like…

  • HD Radio Time and Level Alignment
  • Intro to Broadcast Transmitter Technology
  • 950 MHz Networking Using Intraplex
  • TV Repack Roundtable
  • AES67 in the Studio

…and many more.

Check it out!

Society of Broadcast Engineers, San Diego