Local 600 MHz DTV Stations on the Move

The FCC 600 MHz spectrum auction has San Diego and Baja Mexico stations moving to new channels after T-Mobile bought the spectrum last year. LPTV stations on channels 39 through 51 were told by T-Mobile they would be taking over the spectrum after November 30, 2018.

Protected station KNSD won’t have to move until April, but their Technical Operations Manager Michael Fouch says they¬†will join KPBS and KSWB in making a big channel swap on March 14, 2019.

Let’s look to see what’s going on, channel by channel:

15 – XHTJB, public TV “Canal Once” (channel 11) moved from channel 46 in September. The FCC website has this allocation placed in Ensenada, but they’re actually in Tijuana.

16 – KDTF, Entravision’s LATV outlet, moved from channel 51 on Mt. San Miguel on November 16th.

17 – KNSD, NBC Universal, is up and testing with color bars from Mt. San Miguel since December 3rd on their new Rohde & Schwarz transmitter into a UHF Dielectric Pylon antenna installed by Wireless Infrastructure Services (“WIS”).

19 – KPBS, San Diego State University’s PBS outlet, had their antenna installed by WIS earlier this year and is due to move from channel 30 on March 14, 2019.

20 – KZSD, a UHF outlet of Scripps, is up on Mt. San Miguel and broadcasting a repeat of their channel 10 lineup.

21 – XHDTV Tecate, an Entravision outlet, is working to move from channel 47.

25 – KTCD-LP, another Entravision station, and KSDY-LD have applied for this channel and are considered mutually exclusive. They’re working out a solution.

26 – KSWB, Tribune’s Fox affiliate, had WIS install their Dielectric slot pylon antenna last week. They’ll move from channel 19 on March 14. KVSD-LD from Mt. Woodson has been off the air for some time even though they have not filed a Silent STA.

30 – KPBS will move to 19 as mentioned. Tijuana will take over this channel after that date.

39 – KZSD-LP STA on Mt. San Miguel became KZSD-LD and moved to channel 20 in time for their November 30th T-Mobile takeover date.

50 – KSDY-LD on Mt. San Miguel received a reprieve from T-Mobile to hang on until January 31, 2019 while working out a mutually-exclusive application for channel 25 with Entravision.

51 – KDTF moved to channel 16 using their same broadband antenna.

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Member News: Ramos Achieves CBRE Certification

Univision Radio San Diego Chief Engineer Angel Ramos passed his test to win SBE Certified Broadcast Radio Engineer status. Ramos, who’s been a staff engineer and later chief engineer for KLQV (FM) and KLNV (FM) San Diego for over 20 years, took the exam in early November. Congratulations!

You, too, can sign-up at any time to receive one of the many broadcast engineering certifications from SBE.

KZSD-LP Granted Displacement on Channel 20

On October 10, 2018, EW Scripps Broadcasting, licensee of KGTV and KZSD-LP, was granted a Construction Permit to operate on channel 20. This is to remedy a displacement by telecom from their temporary home on channel 39. The 7.3 kW ERP signal will have a westward directional signal.

This should be an interesting one to watch because it is the only San Diego station given FCC permission to occupy a Los Angeles/Orange County T-band channel used by first responders there. A previous attempt by Televisa’s XHUAA to occupy channel 20 in 2006 was met with resistance by land mobile operators in the L.A. metro area and Televisa moved that operation to channel 22.

KZSD was purchased by Scripps to broadcast Azteca America programming, but with that network’s broadcast being taken over by Entravision’s XHAS Tijuana, KZSD has been translating the KGTV ABC subchannel. To date, the signal is analog.

SBE November 14th Meeting – RF Site Planning

How do you control and monitor your RF plant? Do you have an integrated method for monitoring transmitter power and switching between transmitters or antennas? What do you know at any given time about the health of your cooling system? How are you handling transmission of your FM stereo multiplex over AES?

Broadcast Devices, Inc. Bob Tarsio of Broadcast Devices, Inc. gives us a presentation on these and related topics at our SBE Chapter 36 meeting November 14 at 12 noon at iHeartMedia, 9660 Granite Ridge Drive, San Diego.

About Bob Tarsio

Bob has served as President and CEO of Broadcast Devices, Inc. since 2002. Previously, he was Director of Engineering for Viacom’s WLTW/WAXQ in New York City. His career has spanned 40 years as broadcast engineer, circuit designer and technical sales engineer.

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