June 2005 Meeting – GMS

Global Microwave Systems of Carlsbad demonstrated a remarkable new high definition portable microwave system. With COFDM digital transmission, camera operators walked around the Bay City TV Fox 6 studios, their picture never wavering as a real-time spectrum analysis bobbed and weaved. Presenter Ken Andrew said the new system, which won GMS an AIM award at this year’s NAB Convention, was not ready for network-quality HDTV due to its limited 25 Mbps data rate. But attendees saw a system clearly ready for
news coverage or film-style production monitoring.

One of the most interesting parts of the demo was the active signal
addition circuitry. The processor input IF signals from seven co-linear
vertical 2GHz antennas and output an in-phase addition of all signals,
leading to the best possible reception at all times.

Meanwhile, the chapter seemed to be infused with a new vigor.
Relative to recent meetings, this one was well-attended by a wide
variety of members and guests from all segments of the local
broadcasting population.

New officers were nominated, and will be elected in the coming month
by paper vote of members. Nominations included Eric Schecter of
Jefferson-Pilot Communications for Secretary/Treasurer, Stephen Frick
of KFMB Stations for Program Chair, and Carlyn Yenger of Pacific Radio
Electronics for Vice Chair. The Chair position nomination was tabled
till next meeting.

Society of Broadcast Engineers