FCC LPFM San Diego Window Applicants – July 1, 2024 Update

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After the close of the FCC’s December LPFM Construction Permit filing window, applications began showing up among the 2,819 filed nationally.

You can search for the applicants from the usual LMS Search page, but the winning effort goes to Michelle Bradley of RECNet.com. Check out the California page in the REC Filing Window Application Tracking System. Let’s list the San Diego County applicants with REC’s comments:

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Richard Burden, Veteran Los Angeles Engineer, Dies at 92

Richard Burden, AES photo

Longtime broadcast engineer Richard Burden passed away June 22, 2024 at the age of 92. A post on the SBE Chapter 47 Facebook page said, “It is not often in life that you meet someone who loves his family, friends and profession like Richard Burden. He gave 200% to everything he did with a smile on his face and love in his heart. We are all better people having known him.”

Richard’s notable career started in 1950 with his serving as Chief Engineer at his Lafayette College radio station, then his attendance at the RCA Institutes. He went on to participate in research at technology junctures that included FM stereo, TV stereo, and Traveler’s Information Service. He befriended the likes of Saul Marantz, Avery Fisher, and Rudy Bozak, but always had time for you.

Burden became a charter member of the SBE in 1966 and was still active this past year. He was elected as a Fellow in 1999, then received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005.

An article in the Radio World magazine has more information. You can read a fascinating transcript of an oral history interview on the Energy and Technology History Wiki website.

Four Engineers Retire from KPBS

KPBS-TV/FM this year is undergoing a great turnover, with four broadcast engineers leaving to retire. Their professional experience totals over 150 years, 90 of that at KPBS.

Kevin Birch, Broadcast Engineer, left January 31 this year. He had joined the station in 2000 after having worked at KUSI (TV).

Kevin Schrader, Senior Engineering Manager, left January 31 as well. He joined in 2013 after stints at Cox Cable, XETV, and KGTV.

Rockley Curless, RF Engineering Manager, left January 31 after 22 years at KPBS. Unfortunately, he passed away March 14, 2024, only six weeks after retirement.

Leon Messenie, Director of Engineering since 2001, says he’s scheduled to retire June 30, 2024 after 32 years of technical work at KPBS.

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