If you need advertising exposure, we have access to the most qualified engineers in the San Diego broadcasting market. Our website can display your graphic banner in random rotation with our other sponsors. We are currently seeing about 1000 impressions per month for each banner shown, and at least 10 click-throughs from readers interested in obtaining more information from each of our sponsors. When we introduced the new website, we noticed an immediate pattern of click-throughs for one sponsor who had just introduced a new line of equipment. We’re asking only $150 for your banner to run on the website for a year.

Your support money is used primarily to support the costs of this website and allow us to donate to the SBE Ennes Scholarship Fund. We believe that promoting education in our field wll ultimately increase the quantity and quality of available engineers. We hope you’ll agree that it’s beneficial to have an ample supply of competent engineers.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, you may submit a printout of this PDF invoice. If you have further questions, contact one of our officers.

Thanks for your interest in the San Diego Chapter of the Society of Broadcast Engineers.

Society of Broadcast Engineers, San Diego