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FCC Publishes List of New Non-Comm FM Applications

The FCC on November 15, 2021 published a list of applicants for the latest non-commercial educational FM station filing window, and San Diego County was well-represented. It appears as though some applications used software that failed to take into account Mexican licensees, and those applications will likely be dismissed. Keep in mind, too, that some applicants get cold feet after considering the time and money commitment of a radio station, or may have requested more stations than they can outfit, or may have not yet negotiated to occupy the space they have applied for. Any of these filers may ask to have their applications canceled. Here’s a list of San Diego County applications that the FCC has received and marked as “pending”:

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Lyle Henry, Well-known Los Angeles Engineer, Passes

This relays a post from Chapter 47, Los Angeles.

It is with sadness to announce the passing of longtime SBE47 member and past chair, Lyle Henry – The Radio Doctor. He passed away November 8th after a battle with prostate cancer. Lyle’s impact on LA broadcast engineering came in many different forms. Many senior engineers now got their start in the business from Lyle or improved their RF knowledge with Lyle’s teachings. The SBE 47 board recently sent a letter to Lyle after hearing of his diagnosis. Here was his response back to that letter he wanted to share with the group. Lyle will be missed. –Matthew Wilson Anderson, SBE Chapter 47 Chair

Here is the obituary in Lyle Henry’s own words:

I turned up as Chief Engineer at Drake-Chenault K100 (KIQQ) 100.3 on July 5, 1977, a scared but starry-eyed kid of 35 from WDOR Sturgeon Bay, WI (11 years), and KAAA (4 years) in Kingman, AZ.  During those 15 years I had built 78kW 93.9 WDOR-FM, and 3kW 92.7 KZZZ. At KIQQ I moved our 58kW signal from Briarcrest to Mt. Wilson with 5.3 kW, taking our coverage with us.

Lyle Henry, long-time Los Angeles broadcast engineer
Lyle Henry at Christmas, some time ago…

After 12 wonderful years at D-C and Outlet Broadcasting, KIQQ was sold and became Pirate Radio on March 17, 1989.  Took me 4.5 months to get out of that mess, with an offer of Director of Engineering at Classical KUSC 91.5 with the excellent help there of Jim Sensenbach, Chief Engineer, and Pablo Garcia as Asst, Chief. At KUSC I moved ND 25kW from Flint Peak in Glendale to Mt. Harvard with 39kW directional. First station on Mt. Harvard.

Chapter 47 was dormant when I arrived in 1977, but with the help of another engineer, Doug Howland, and especially Dick Burden, we got it cranking again.

I’d been fascinated by hidden SCA signals from my Sturgeon Bay, WI days, and modified my Zenith portable to be able to pick up those mysterious signals. Most of it was Muzak and other music for stores in the 1970’s. Later I pushed my stations to use the SCAs 67 and/or 92 kHz to make money for engineering. Somehow I became known as The SCA Guru, and when digital SCAs came along, I was there. FMeXtra showed up in 2005 with digital audio, and I helped those nice Bay Area folk as best I could demonstrating it across the country and NAB to 10 years. That also took me to China, India, and Singapore.

The most exciting thing about overseas travel, particularly China, was meeting brilliant young people who needed a good western university education. So I brought 53 students, starting in 1988, to Canada and America and helped them through. Most lived at my house for extended periods, and those who were here at the same time are still good friends, often still checking on me.  For a while I had 9 at once! The last two, Vietnamese guys, fell in love and married. They are still here, along with my Honey Bunny, Richard #50, for 21 years. All those kids brought their families back home out of poverty.

Big hugs to all.  I’ve had a wonderful life, and I made a difference in
this world. 🙂 

KWFN 97.3 Applies to Move

Audacity sports talk station KWFN 97.3 FM applied last week to relocate from the KOGO tower to the KGB-FM tower one mile to the northwest. The Minor Modification app is the first sign that Vertical Bridge intends to go through with its sale of the property under the historic towers at KOGO 600 in Emerald Hills. If approved, KWFN would share an antenna with KGB-FM 101.5 and radiate 38 kW horizontal and vertical polarity. 

Though they haven’t yet filed an application, KOGO (AM) 600 is expected to move to the KGB-AM site in west Santee along highway CA-52. KLNV 106.5 will also need to move but has not yet filed to do so. 

Venture Technologies Now Transmitting Hybrid FM NextGen Signals on TV Channel 6

KRPE-LD San Diego, low power TV channel 6, atop Mt. San Miguel, is the first local station to broadcast ATSC 3.0, marketed as “NextGen”. The FCC granted a Special Temporary Authorization (STA) for a signal that includes an innovative analog FM carrier at 87.75 MHz. According to Director of Engineering Daniel Bissett, licensee Venture Technologies Group, LLC completed construction of the new signal on October 7, 2021.

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FCC Cancels KJUX Construction Permit

On August 30, 2021, the FCC canceled the expired Construction Permit of proposed AM 1400 broadcaster KJUX Lemon Grove. The associated FM translator K229DP CP expires October 2, 2021.

The applicant, Gerard Turro of Christyanna Broadcasting, Inc., in June this year had requested a tolling (legal extension) of their CP deadline citing financing issues and delays in construction. However, the FCC rejected their arguments and ultimately, the request to extend the CP deadline.

Christyanna engaged in a long battle to gain the Construction Permit beginning with the application in 2007. Gold Coast Broadcasting, owners of co-channel station KUNX 1400 Santa Paula, filed numerous Petitions to Deny. Ultimately, KJUX won a construction permit but did not build the facility.